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Dulce de Leche Grande 16pcs/4oz

Dulce de Leche Grande 16pcs/4oz

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Our 16-piece box of Dulce de Leche Grande is great option for customers that like bigger pieces of Dulce de Leche. We love large portions. Our 4 ounce Dulce de Leche are large, wholesome and just plain awesome. Succumb to succulent goodness that a big piece of candy provides.

Our Dulce de Leche is made from scratch in our facility in El Paso, TX. Always fresh, delicious. This product contains: 8 Corazones (4oz) and 8 Barras (4oz)The Corazon (heart) is Dulce de Leche squeezed into a heart shaped mold and topped with three pecans. The Barra (Bar) is also hand squeezed and shaped into a two level log, topped with three whole pecans.

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