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There are many brands in the market, but only one has the quality and freshness of a Dulce de Leche candy made by Yajua Candies Inc. We have been perfecting Dulce de Leche candies for over 20 years. Dulce de Leche is made every day by our experienced confectionery chefs. Each candy is hand-made, and each ingredient is hand-picked for the best selection and taste.

We believe that quality sells itself that is why every candy is handcrafted and examined in order to meet our quality standards. The sweet harmony between milk and sugary sweetness is a result of many years of perfection and care for a family recipe. Our candies have a long tradition that traces back to Mexico where our recipe was created and perfected.

We believe in the outstanding taste and quality of our Dulce de Leche candies. Order with confidence, as these candies are made, packed and shipped fresh from Texas the the day you place the order.