Treasured Family Recipe

Our recipe has been a treasured family secret for generations, constantly refined with the best processes and ingredients. Today, our factory in El Paso, TX serves Texas and New Mexico through our extensive distribution channels, while our website allows us to reach customers throughout the entire United States. We take pride in preserving our family legacy while providing our customers with the finest quality products.

  • Made Fresh in El Paso, TX

    We are proud to be from El Paso Texas, and our candies are made with quality ingredients from the region.

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  • A Mexican Dessert Delight

    The Jamoncillo is a type of Milk Candy (Dulce de Leche), slow cooked for hours in low heat. Traditional to the northern part of Mexico...

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  • The Taste of Remembrance

    Our aim is to bring the sweet taste of memories, family tradition and home cooking to you.

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