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Amazon Customer
Sooo delicious! real dulce de leche flavor, my favorite candy of all of the time.
VVHotel They're very good and tasty.
Liz DeLeon Best I've had in a long time.
PR Girl Best Mexican candy ever. Now I don't have to cross the border to get it. Fast delivery too!
Jonathan D. Lonsdale
Djran Absolutely delicious. Would definitely buy again.
I have tasted several dulces de leche but THIS is the BEST EVER. It is insanely smooth - there are no rough grains of sugar like in all the other ones I tasted from other manufacturers (both in the US and Mexico). This one is perfect and seriously the best quality dulce de leche you can find.
Sergio Maldonado
This candies are amazing. This is not your typical candy. This candies are all home made and have been family owned for years. When you buy this candy you can be certain that it's still tastes homemade and with the original family recipe. Being from Mexico, finding a good dulce de leche in the states is very difficult...not with this ones, it just tastes like home. The variety of this candies is excellent from dulce de leche with coconut or with pecans... Delicious
Nicole Caso
Here's what I wanted to say in the feedback, but did not have the space to do so: I've ordered the 12-pack and the 20-piece jamoncillo now a couple of times for gifts and for myself. So amazingly delicious I cannot really capture it in words. Fresh, sweet, creamy, and reminiscent of the milk-based "typical" candy made from colonial recipes concocted in the convents throughout Latin America. The candies arrive promptly and are individually wrapped to preserve freshness. The 12-pack assortment is a work of art: a variety of large, artisanal jamoncillos of different shapes and flavors. The 20-piece comprises smaller candies that are uniform in size and shape. Highly recommend to anyone nostalgic about dulces de leche from any country. Gracias!