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Nuestra Nostalgia

Instagram Holiday Box

Instagram Holiday Box

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Holiday Box!

Try our new assortment of candies and toys!


1 - Cono de Cajeta 3oz

1 - Cocada (Coconut Candy) 4oz

1 - Rollo de Guayaba (Dulce de Leche with Guaya Filling) 3oz

1 - Rollo de Coco (Dulce de Leche with Coconut Filling) 3oz

1 - Cortadillo (Coconut filled Dulce de Leche Bar) 3oz

1 - Corazon (Dulce de Leche Shaped into a Heart) 3oz

1 - Mariachi Sombrerito

1 - Toma Todo Pirinola

1 - Spinning Top (Assorted Color)

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Fresh & Made-To-Order

Located in El Paso, TX we aim to ship the freshest candy and we make the candy when you order it. We source our ingredients from local milk and the best New Mexico Pecans!

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    On orders over $25, through Priority Mail or UPS Ground.

  • Dulde de Leche like Home

    Creamy, rich and nostalgic taste of home in every bite.