Small Mariachi Sombrero 6 in. 1pcs (Shipped in Assorted Color)

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Key Features 

★ CUTE "SMALL" SIZE DESIGN - Hats are 6 inches in Diameter. Place as a table centerpiece or put them on your pet for a great costume. A must have!

A MEXICAN THEMED PARTY ESSENTIAL - Amaze your guests with these great looking mini Charro Hats. Perfect for 5 De Mayo and 16 of September Parties!

OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP - These suede hats can be used time and time again for years to come, each hat is made by hand and quality is superb.

★ RANDOM COLOR HAT THREE PACK - Hats ship in RANDOM colors. All hats are done in different colors and threads by our artisans. No two hats are exactly alike. 

★ EXTENDED 30 DAYS WARRANTY - Your satisfaction is important to us; we guarantee to offer a free replacement or refund if anything goes wrong with the product within 30 days of purchase.


Yajua offers an authentic assortment of Mini Mexican Mariachi Hat. This single pack is an excellent deal for your Mexican themed party. 

Our hats are beautifully hand crafted and made 100% in Mexico by Mexican artisans. The vibrant designs and colors are representative of the Mariachi culture and  traditions. Delight your guests with this simple addition to any Mexican themed table decor, or dress your pet with these authentic Mexican hats.


Dimensions are 6” x 6” (15.3cm X 15.3cm) 

Care instructions: Dry Cleaning recommended. 


These items are not Indian produced, an Indian product or the product of a particular Indian, Indian Tribe or Indian Arts and Crafts Organization as defined by 25 USC, 305 et seq.

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